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Aquamarine Blue Retro Jetsons Vintage 1959 Arvin 2585 AM Tube Radio Retro Glory!

$ 279.00

AQUAMARINE BLUE Retro Jetsons Vintage 1959 Arvin 2585 AM Tube Radio Retro Glory!

DIMENSIONS: Approximately 13" x 5" x 7" (l x w x h)

COLOR: Aquamarine with Tweed Grill


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DESCRIPTION: Tabletop tube AM radio manufactured by Arvin in 1959 Model Number 2585.  This radio is in excellent working condition.  This radio is the epitome of retro Jetsons age styling! Cabinet is original turquoise aquamarine color. This particular radio shade is a little more greenish than the other aquamarines I've seen for this model from Arvin. The others have been lighter blue hue. This radio is not yellowed from blue to green due to age. It is evenly molded in a shade of aquamarine that is just slightly more greenish than other 2585's I've seen. The front brown, tan, and gold tweed is a striking contrast texturally with the aqua plastic. The fabric is more yellow bronze colored than normal gray, black and white speckled tweed as found in other 2585's. There is a burn mark on the front top edge of the radio, that looks like the dog took a bite out of it. The tweed grill cloth is original factory fabric with no rips no tears no stains which amazing. There are also some other chips off the plastic along the front edge. There is a long crack on the bottom that continues to the back. The back right side aitr vents are melted.  Please review pictures and video carefully before purchase.  On the front dial there is damage to the front left side where the dial numbers show. Knobs are original and securely attached. This radio features dual speakers so it has a much better tone than normal single speaker radios. The handle is built into the back of dial display which makes it very functional. This radio is over 55 years old! No missing ink, smudges, or rub-off on dial lettering. The tuning dial works. New dial light works fine. The power cable is securely attached. All paper and wax capacitors have been replaced with modern equivalents so this radio has another 50+ years or more of playing time! The tubes are working fine. All out-of-spec resistors have been replaced with modern correct value and voltage equivalents. The set has been aligned according to factory specifications. The power cord and plug are good original working condition with no cracks, or splits. No exposed wiring. The radio has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. All wiring has been thoroughly checked for possible bridging and weak solder connection. Comes from non-smoking, mature, clean professional environment no pets.


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