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AMAZON ECHO DOT™ INCLUDED - Yellow Ivory 1959 Sylvania Model 5T10 Tube Radio Works Great!

$ 199.00

AMAZON ECHO DOT™ INCLUDED - Yellow Ivory 1959 Sylvania Model 5T10 Tube Radio Works Great!

DIMENSIONS: Approximately 13" x 4" x 8" (l x w x h)

COLOR: Ivory, even yellowed front, top, and sides


Amazon Echo Dot™ Included - Play music, stream WiFi, make phone calls, ask Alexa questions. See info on Amazon Echo Dot here.

DESCRIPTION: Tabletop tube AM radio manufactured by Sylvania in the late 1950's timeframe in excellent working condition. Cabinet is original molded ivory plastic. Evenly yellowed throughout front, top and sides due to age. Great retro vintage vibe! There are cracks and chips by the bottom feet which have been repaired and stabilized. Original knobs are securely attached. This radio has good reception and is loud. This radio is almost 60 years old! No missing ink, smudges, or rub-off on dial lettering. Original factory molder color. No repaints. No touch ups and no over spray. The tuning dial works fine. All paper and wax capacitors have been replaced with modern equivalents so this radio has another 50+ years or more of playing time! Good performer. The tubes are working fine. All out-of-spec resistors have been replaced with modern correct value and voltage equivalents. There is no loud or pervasive hum. There is no loud or pervasive static between stations. The set has been aligned according to factory specifications. The power cord and plug are good original working condition with no cracks, or splits. No exposed wiring. The radio has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. All wiring has been thoroughly checked for possible bridging and weak solder connection. Comes from non-smoking, mature, clean professional environment no pets. 


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