SOLD! - June 10, 2014 - BEAUTIFUL Wood Art Deco Retro 1947 Sonora Ret- – Retro Radio Farm

SOLD! - June 10, 2014 - BEAUTIFUL Wood Art Deco Retro 1947 Sonora Ret-210 AM Tube Radio Works!

$ 195.00

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BEAUTIFUL Wood Art Deco Retro 1947 Sonora Ret-210 AM Tube Radio Works!

DIMENSIONS: Approximately 18" x 9.5" x 10" (l x w x h)

COLOR: Solid Wood rich color

DESCRIPTION: Nice solid wood tabletop tube radio manufactured by Sonora in the 1947 timeframe still in excellent+ working condition. Picks up AM stations clearly and loudly with external antenna attachment. I was able to pick up all the AM stations loudly and clearly. Excellent construction and design! Beautiful curved sides with nice grained mirror finish. Few dings, scratches and dents from over the decades from normal wear and tear but not abuse. Front grill cloth is original intact no major tears, fraying or moth bites. The grill cloth fabric weave is starting to separate. This radio has been re-varnished to a mirror gloss. Curvaceous and hefty but not heavy, it is solid with no separated edges, or seams. The knobs are brown plastic or Bakelite and original and securely attached. The glass dial is in great condition! This radio is over 60 years old! All the dial numbering and lettering is crisp and clear. The tuning and volume dials work fine. The unit powers on and off with a definitive click. All out of spec capacitors have been replaced with modern equivalents so this radio has another 50+ years or more of playing time! The tubes are working fine. All out-of-spec resistors have been replaced with modern correct value and voltage equivalents. The brand new replacement power cord and plug with no cracks, or splits or electrical tape repair. No exposed wiring. The radio has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. All wiring has been thoroughly checked for possible bridging and weak solder connection. Comes from non-smoking, mature, clean professional environment no pets. When this radio was new, Harry S Truman was president! This thing would look nice in a room of solid wood furniture with shelves of dusty books.



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