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Guitar Amp Modification

$ 99.00

Turn any vintage tube radio into a guitar or musical instrument amplifier!

All manufacturers (Fender, Gibson, etc)






Plug in with any standard guitar or instrument cord and rock out!

Description: This is an original authentic vintage radio or clock radio that has been modified for guitar or musical instrument input. These old radios are low wattage tube amps by design, so it will sound better than any transistor based amp, in my opinion. It gets pretty good clean sound that is warm and not-buzzy. It uses a 4" speaker that was in the manufacturer original design. I think they sound great and look even cooler. Plus, your musician buddies or your rockstar boyfriend will flip out when they discover they can set their alarm clock and jam without getting out of bed! But, I wouldn't start packing away your Mesa Boogie just yet.

Guitar and guitar cords not included. Musical talent not included.

YOUTUBE VIDEO here (Les Paul demo) and here (LP JR). Guitars and cord not included. What can I say, I'm a little rusty:


Once the radio is modified for auxiliary input, it cannot be reversed without replacement or restoration services or both. You know what they say about originality; "it's only original once." For this reason, none of these radios are modified unless a customer asks for it.



This guitar amp modification service is not refundable.



Use only as recommended. Not responsible for damage to your guitar, musical instrument, or cord when used as recommended. Not responsible for damage to your radio as a result of non recommended use.


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