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Machiatto Brown Clay Red Mesh 1954 Sparton Model 375C AM Tube Radio Real Looker!

$ 229.00

MACHIATTO Brown Clay Red Mesh 1954 Sparton Model 375C AM Tube Radio Real Looker!

DIMENSIONS: Approximately 14" x 5" x 6" (l x w x h)

COLOR: brown and clay red burlap


ADD BLUETOOTH MP3 for $99 more: See info here

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DESCRIPTION: This radio is an eye-ful. Design-wise, there is something interesting and unique to view at every angle! Such non-intuitive use of dimensions and proportions as well as colors and materials that all seems to come together in its own bold and memorable way! Plus, with the natural wear on the gold colored knobs, this clock radio just emanates personality. All original molded colors. No repaint. No touch ups. No over spray. Picks up AM stations clearly and loudly up and down the dial with external antenna attachment. Cabinet is original condition top and sides original molded brown plastic with clay red pinhole mesh material. The top clay red mesh is slightly discolored on spots. Sparton logo on front grill is missing "S." No cracks, chips, or abrasions on front or sides. The top back support rail is cracked in the middle. No repaints. The only design of its kind. Black clock face and fantastic clear graphics. No dial light. Not designed with one. Gold metal clock and tuning surrounds are original in very good condition. No rub off numbers. The knobs are original and securely attached. Look at the nice aging! Clock works and keeps accurate time. Alarm probably does not work. Sleep time works. Clock set switch works. Three of the 4 clock switch tips are present. Sleep timer knob switch tip is missing. This radio is over 50 years old! No missing ink, smudges, or rub-off on dial lettering. The tuning dial works fine. Backing board is missing. Original power cable is securely attached no breaks, splits, or exposed wiring. All paper and wax capacitors have been replaced with modern equivalents so this radio has another 50+ years or more of playing time! All out-of-spec resistors have been replaced with modern correct value and voltage equivalents. There is no loud or pervasive hum. There is no loud or pervasive static between stations. The radio has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. All wiring has been thoroughly checked for possible bridging and weak solder connection. Comes from non-smoking, mature, clean professional environment no pets.


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